Work From Home Music Parody

The ladies of JustBoobs Sketch, in partnership with Awestruck, have just released our latest - a musical parody of Fifth Harmony's hit song Work From Home...but with our "new mommy" twist. And it's gone viral, thanks to all of you!

"They've got ripped abs, we've got baby bellies - doesn't matter 'cause we love our bodies."

A Clip from JustBoobs Sketch's Latest Video

Our latest video is a parody of Fifth Harmony's song Work From Home. Our version is from the perspective of millennial moms everywhere. Watch the full song here on Awestruck's YouTube channel (they produced the shiz out of it!), and subscribe to JustBoob Sketch <3

Thigh Gap insanity getting you down? Watch this video.

Because, ladies, the whole thigh-gap thing is ridiculous and shouldn't dictate your self worth...

Here's my comedy team's sketch that has gone viral (as in, articles have been written about it in Time Magazine, Jezebel, Huffington Post, Refinery29, and the absolute coolest: Zooey Deschanel's website!

Love yourself, be healthy, and enjoy!  xo, Elizabeth