The A-List movie review that makes me love what I do

"The A List, what's to say? Another sweet teen movie with so much authentic feelings of awkwardness, inappropriate dialogue, youthful superficiality, but most of all a lot of heart & joy. The A-List is another small teen movie gem that will be discovered on DVD and online streaming, It kept a smile on my face the whole way through, laughing at some unexpected moments of dialogue from inappropriate comments from a wannabe cool high school principle, awkward geek, awkward guidance councilor and the cool popular kid who figures out what's really important.

I Loved the cast of actors but for me Elizabeth Bond as Sylvia Martin was the heart of this movie, an awkward guidance councilor who oozed so much awkwardness it made a normally cool man feel what it might feel like to carry around lingering old High School scars.

If you loved "The Duff" or you just would love to see yet another sweet teen comedy, 'this movie will warm your little heart'."   -Joey A.